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Sandra Amore

My journey with the Thinking into Results Programme has been amazing. It completely changed my mindset from feeling like I cannot to knowing that I can achieve. This programme has made a massive difference both in my lifestyle, my behaviour and also at work. Working as an Amazon coach, I have now been able to relay the knowledge that I've learned here, and apply the TIR tools into my own coaching business. Doing this has hugely changed the success of my clients which has been terrific.

Michelle B

I've changed as a person, and my family have noticed this too. The way I now run my business the way it's grown, everything is just flowing and seems to be a constant win for me. I've already filled in two notepads in the last 12 weeks, and I know my future is definite and certain. I feel like I've completely transformed. There's no more burnout, and I'm working less and earning more without feeling guilty.

Lifford Shillingford

Even though I've had a certain amount of success in life, there was still always something missing that I didn't quite understand. From the very first call I had with Mandy and throughout the programme, I've been able to find that missing part. This course has broken down the science and the methodology behind the vibrations and manifestations of life and shown me how to be accountable for where I'm at and what I want to achieve.


The community is so great. Anytime I have an issue, I'm always supported. The programme has helped me focus on my habits and how they affect results. My belief and conviction that things will work out have strengthened so much. I now take accountability when things aren't working and know how to correct negative situations by looking within.

Rachel H

My old story was holding me back, and I had huge imposter syndrome when I started the programme. Confidence is something I have always struggled with, and not being able to move past what others think of me. Now I understand that it suited some people to keep me small, but that was their story and not mine. Gaining that awareness alone has been so powerful for me. I've lost my imposter syndrome, and I've learnt how to honour a bad moment for what it is and not get dragged into it. What I found really interesting was when we were instructed to take a half-term break from the programme, I had to force myself not to study because that's all I wanted to do.

Sara O’Hanlon

My journey at the very beginning was all about how my paradigms were so strong, and the voices in my head were so powerful that I felt as though I must find results NOW! However, the TIR Programme has enabled me to develop a sense of self-belief, confidence and self-assurance. Now I KNOW the future is coming, and I KNOW that I need to address my past negativity, and I KNOW that I'm blooming, and that's down to Mandy and the community. Hearing what others have been capable of and the results they've achieved has been able to keep me on track during my negative moments. I now understand that everything doesn't have to happen instantly.


TIR has been an incredible journey for me. My goals now feel not just possible but inevitable. Opportunities just keep on coming my way. The changes in me have been immense. I never thought I'd be getting up at 8am on a Sunday to study, but I look forward to it. The changes in my home have also been tremendous, and I'm so grateful to be able to share these tools with my son.

Maria Coria

Life is completely different for me now. My perspective has completely shifted, and I am living life in a far more balanced way now. Life was always up and down, and I always struggled with anxiety and depression. I still always loved life, but now I have balance. To have and maintain that balance has allowed EVERYTHING to change in my life. And now, I see myself for the first time for who I really am, and I love what I see. Having this community has been life-changing. Having a safe space that you cannot find elsewhere has made me so grateful. I'm happy because I have a direction and studying the programme has become a regular part of my day, like drinking water. Watching others on the programme win too has been priceless.

Chris Frimpong

I look at TIR as an allotment yard. Everyone on the programme has a plot on the allotment. And rather than thinking about the environment dictating how each person's seeds grow. The programme has shown me that it's how the person looks after the seed that ultimately dictates how well it will grow. Before the programme, I had so many great ideas, but I didn't understand how to water and nurture them. Being part of TIR has taught me how to water my potential without worrying about the fruits it will bear, but just focusing on nurturing what is in the present and knowing it will blossom.

Iris Mcfee

When I started the programme, I was lost. I knew on a rational level that I had skills and abilities, but I didn't know on a cellular level, and I didn't know how to access them. I now know that I can do whatever I want to do, and there is no point in worrying about the future.

Angela Brown

I always knew what I wanted to do but just wasn't quite sure how I would get there. So, I've now not only begun enjoying the journey, but I've let go of the how will I get there and just KNOW that I will. I love getting up at 6 am and studying, and I'm growing all the time at such a pace.


Since joining the programme, I'm feeling a lot more positive. I always had imposter syndrome and never understood how I managed to pass all my medical exams. That has now left me. Everything I want keeps happening. I keep manifesting so many things. I have earned almost three times more this month than I ever have in the past four years. I manifested my new car, and everyone is telling me I'm exuding positivity. Things that have seemed to be massive in blocks throughout my life now keep on opening up, and it's just brilliant. And although I have changed my daily routine and my perception, I feel there must be some magic happening too.


The most significant change for me has been everybody saying to me, "I love your energy". The entire programme has been a thumbs up. I'm attracting everything good into my life, both big and small. And the programme has opened up my mind and my pockets, it's been fantastic.


Although some of the knowledge was already within me, I did not have the capability to do the work alone without a community. So, the knowing has now shifted to the doing because of the support I have from the TIR community. I have noticed the shift in others on the programme, and I love seeing and feeling that energy.

Emmanuel Chungu

So far I have managed to become more confident in the process by shifting old characteristics for more serving ones, I now feel assertive and more inclined to take risks of new levels. My life looks fruitful with the knowledge that I have internalised, I see a plethora of opportunities opening up for me. I am excited for my growth and extremely grateful for the journey I am on with ‘Thinking into Results’.
The Infinite Mood

Harriet Muscroft – Limitless Self Unfolding

The Limitless Self Unfolding programme was probably one of the most transformational programs I’ve been on. I gained so much insight into how I truly saw myself, but more than that I was guided into changing my image to the person I wanted to be. With this course I managed to launch a new business, achieve some of the biggest contracts I’ve had so far (15k+) and been headhunted for my dream CEO role. If anyone were to ask, I would say this is one of the best things you could invest in, and I will be re-doing it again, because who wants to stop levelling up?!
The Infinite Mood

Natalie Naaman – Limitless Self Unfolding

I honestly cannot emphasise enough the drastic changes that I have seen in my life since starting the Limitless Self Unfolding programme with Mandy. After the first session, things just started to happen! I have done a LOT of personal development over the last 5 years, and I have also seen incredible results from the "Thinking Into Results" programme which I completed last year, but the Limitless programme has taken my mind, my actions & my results to new levels which I didn't know was possible. My financial goal is creeping up on me week by week and I'm now fully aware of what is possible. I couldn't recommend this programme enough. Just do it. Trust me.
The Infinite Mood

Michelle Harding-Foss

Working with Mandy has given me the confidence, understanding and discipline to know what I am capable of, which is much more than I had imagined. The TIR community is positive, supportive and genuine. It is wonderful to be connected with like-minded people to share this amazing journey with. The opportunities that have come up for me to be able to achieve my goal are amazing and greater than anything I could of imagined before joining TIR. This programme has changed my life and my thinking. Thank you Mandy.
The Infinite Mood

Nigel Goodwin

It took a single conversation with Mandy Evill to realise that the Thinking into Results programme was the right next step for me. Then, little did I know how much of an interesting journey I was to embark on. I was quick to identify the paradigms that were holding me back. After engaging with the programme I achieved life changing shifts; resolved a long lost personal relationship with my brother, a fuller life, greater confidence and the opportunity to see life as a puzzle, ready and waiting to be pieced together in my mind. I now believe in myself and take action which is in alignment with my best self. Thank you Mandy for your empowering guidance and allowing confidence and control to exist in my life.
The Infinite Mood

Lee Hazzard

Since joining Mandy and her 6 month Programme, I set myself an earning goal 30K per month after four months. I reached just under 60K in the first month and still more on its way! Words cannot describe the transformation happening right now in my life
The Infinite Mood

Imelda Fossu

Joining Thinking into Results and working with Mandy is one of the best decisions I made. Hand on heart, I can honestly say that Mandy has completely changed my life, within 2 months she helped me scale my business to 6 figures.She showed me how it was my MINDSET that was holding me back, not my strategies. Once I broke through that, I was unstoppable!
The Infinite Mood

Lyndsay K

Working with Mandy and the Thinking Into Results programme I have been able to identify my deepest beliefs, thoughts, patterns, and habits that are not aligned in achieving the life that I want. I've now shifted into a results-driven mindset, am living the life that I want, building the business I've always dreamed of, and am surrounded by incredible people who support my vision. As an entrepreneur, this has been the best, most positive experience in building a business I've ever had, and I understand the importance of mindset and having someone help you see your own blind spots in order to break through to the next level and enjoy the ride.
The Infinite Mood

Jo L

I am incredibly glad I made the decision to do Thinking Into Results with Mandy. The programme has given me a blueprint for decision making, how the mind works and how to achieve results that I will use over and over - I will never stop studying and applying these principles. Not only is TIR incredibly profound, but it is also hugely freeing and an incredible revelation to realise we can achieve whatever we want to accomplish without limit. As well as clearly making a decision on what I want in my life and setting that in motion (far beyond what I could have ever conceived before), I’ve gained increased confidence, a deeper knowing of who I am, improved work relationships, transformed personal relationships, gained additional sources of income, am starting my own business and am able to offer more to friends and family than I ever have. This is all because of the core principles in TIR which remove barriers to being all we can be. I am incredibly grateful to have met Mandy. She has more integrity than anyone I can think of and such clear thinking. Not only that, she is incredibly focused, kind and has a great sense of humour! I’m also so glad for the many people I have met through TIR from many different industries, with a wide variety of goals. I believe TIR should be done by everyone. Follow the programme, do the repetition and it will transform your life forever.
The Infinite Mood

Rachel Ross-Smith

Mandy’s mentorship has allowed me to feel more confident and live a full life, my vision for the future has expanded and left me feeling more excited. So far, being involved in the programme I have achieved several paradigm shifts and I am learning every day. Bob Proctor is right when he says, ‘you will need a telescope to see how far you have come’, this has been absolutely transformational! I am so grateful for Mandy; she is supportive and gets you to where you want to be in a matter of moments. My business is in a strong position and is set up for me to generate more income, with ease. I am now able to manifest within hours, this is truly exciting, and I can’t wait for the future and how the knowledge will impact others around me.

See more testimonials from our mentees and clients