Quantum Leap Series

– An exclusive live programme which uses an unconventional strategy to penetrate imaginary barriers and pursue your true potential in just 8 weeks.

Join Mandy in taking a deep dive into the very depths of taking a quantum leap in your life and business.

This 8-week LIVE series will teach you how to win big through the process of the Quantum Effect.

Nothing happens by chance; we create all ourresults through the thoughts and beliefs that we entertain in our mind on a daily basis. This series will give you a whole new perspective on what you are capable of, and how you canpenetrate imaginary barriers and pursue your true potential and achieve your biggest and wildest dreams.

the Infinite mood

During the

During the LIVE sessions we will outline unique, dynamic methods for leaping beyond ordinary performances and achieving dramatic results and, to quite frankly to quit trying harder!

Be prepared to:

  • Take action every day towards your goal
  • Entertain new ideas about yourself
  • Be held accountable in support of your actions
  • Allow yourself to take on new ways of doing things
  • Open up yourself to self-examination
  • Share your insights and achievements
  • Give yourself permission to receive support and guidance and WIN BIG


Over this journey, you will learn unique strategies and methods to:

  • Think beyond common sense and your current thoughts
  • Focus on end results rather than the means to achieve
  • Rely on unseen forces
  • Ignore conventional approaches to winning
  • Change your own personal rules for success
  • Get uncomfortable and seek failure
  • Make multiple moves before you’re ready
  • Look inside for opportunity
  • Open your existing gifts and internal power

During the LIVE sessions we will outline unique,

This 8 week dynamic LIVE series is about the power of “you squared” The quantum leap strategy for breakthrough performance. Making a quantum leap means accomplishing more in less time, with only a fraction of the effort.

Start date:We run these throughout the year so please get in contact first to check the next start date

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