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- Getting started - A Strong Start -

Hi {{{first_name}}},

I hope you are well.

In this email, you will find out how to start the process and set yourself up for a strong start. Please note, you will be added to our email sequence (check junk/ spam inbox) which will follow in tandem with your 6-month programme timeline.

Video Contents (Click the Images Below):

1) PGI Site navigation video

2) Programme overview

3) Featured within The Infinite Mind Co.

Upcoming for you to attend:

●      Onboarding session 1 (Please attend this Wednesday/Friday 10:30 am GMT)

●      Onboarding session 2 (Please attend the following Wednesday/Friday at 10:30 am GMT)

●      The link to attend both onboarding sessions:

●      You will be sent a separate email confirming your onboarding session either on Wednesday or Friday.

6 Day Orientation - What is it?:

●      Watch all 12 lessons over the next 6 days.

●      Watch 2 videos a day.

●      Day 1: Watch lesson 1 in the morning and Lesson 2 in the evening.

●      Day 2: Watch Lesson 3 in the morning and Lesson 4 in the evening.

●      Continue in the same way over the next 4 days until you have watched all 12 lessons.

●      Watch Video 1 below ‘PGI Site Navigation’ in this email to support you with this.

Weekly sessions (with Mandy):

●      Every Monday 6 pm (GMT).

●      Every Friday 12 pm (GMT).

●      Link to attend:

●      Mandy's weekly teaching link remains the same.

●      Mandy teaches the lessons on a 12-week cycle all is relevant so jump straight in.

Goal Clarity session (with Mandy):

●      Thursday, the second week of lesson 1

●      Call Mandy at the scheduled time

●      You will be booked in on your second onboarding.

Emails already received:

●      Confirmation email

●      Welcome and congratulations

●      PGI Login details

●      Invoice

Mandy and I are looking forward to getting to know you and we are excited for your journey ahead! Please attend the above sessions to achieve the best results for the remainder of the programme. Please ask any questions by responding to this email.


Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:


Have a great day and live with abundance, for you are everything you need to be and more, live free and watch yourself grow.


"We all have the ability to design our own lives" ...

"If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand"

Natasha Vadher

Community Manager