How To Set a Goal That Inspires & Stretches You

“Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy goal.”

– Earl Nightingale                    

This has got to be the best definition of success out there. Earl Nightingale was the father of modern-day personal development as we know it. And his mentor was Napoleon Hill, so there is a lot of history and lineage behind this statement, and it is one of the best definitions of success.

Most people believe they have to achieve their goal to be successful, which most of us are taught. Yet Earl was very clear that it is not the actual goal achievement that brings about success but the journey to getting there.

The purpose of a goal is to stretch yourself, become a greater you, and bring more of you to the surface. This is precisely why we set goals in the first place.

With that in mind, it then becomes clear that we need to be very clear on the goal we should set.

There are 3 Types of Goals:

A-Type Goal

An A-type goal is doing something you already know how to do. You have done something before, and it may not be the same thing, but very similar. This is a sideways goal and is just really an expansion of your present results. It’s like having and doing more of the same. There is no inspiration in this type of goal.

B-Type Goal

A B-type goal is what you think you can do. This is a goal that, if you put together a plan, a strategy, and if everything happens just right, then you can achieve it. You see, when most people in life and business set their goals for the year, they’ll always come up with something like a five per cent increase on what they will have done in the previous year. Maybe they’ll stretch and go for ten per cent growth, but never will they go for a hundred per cent growth.

C-Type Goal

These are your wants, what you really want. A C-type goal comes from your fantasies, and they originate through the effective use of your imagination. Your imagination is one of the most marvellous, miraculous powers that you will ever own. In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill states:

“Imagination is the power that takes you from where you are now to where you want to be instantly.”

Imagination is one of our greatest gifts. So use your imagination to create YOUR C type goal. These are wants and desires that you don’t know how to achieve because you have never been there before. It’s new territory for you as you have never attained that kind of result before in your life.

A word of warning as we continue. Most people will not expand their imagination and say what they truly desire because they don’t know how to get there. They don’t see the resources they will need and will fall back and play it safe for an A or B type goal and give up on their desire.

You need to know right here that you DO NOT need to know the how. If you know how the goal is not big enough!

The secret is that as you begin to embed this C-type goal deep in your subconscious mind, the resources, people, situations and opportunities will show up. You will start to think differently, and when that happens, new thoughts and ideas aligned with your C-type goal will come to you.

If you watch rock climbers, they never know their exact route up a rock face. They know the general way up. But they don’t know every nook and cranny. They will place their hands and feet on the rock, and slowly move up the rock face as the path opens up.

All of them know and trust the path will open up with every cell of their body, even on the rock that has never been climbed before.

They know, and they trust.

And that is what you have to do. Know and trust as you move through this process, the path will open up to your C-Type goal.

Here are some Goal-Achieving habits to help you on your way

1. Get up early.

The average person needs a lot of time to wake up and get out of bed. But, on the other hand, goal achievers are so excited about their goals that they’re eager to get up and make the most of the day.

To achieve a breakthrough goal, get in the habit of waking up early and getting out of bed quickly to act on your goal. Recognise what a gift each day is and be excited about what it will bring.

2. Follow a morning routine.

How you spend the first hour after you get out of bed is essential to the success of your day. So, after getting up early, follow a success ritual every morning. Fill the first hour of the day with positive, creative activities like practising gratitude, reading, visualising and going over your priorities for the day.

3. Pursue knowledge.

Goal achievers yearn to know who they are and what they’re capable of. They also want to become experts in their field. So, they read and study every day.

Instead of getting distracted by the trivial things in life, such as checking email and social media, block off time each day to read to understand yourself better and become better at your business and skills.

4. Become obsessed with the goal.

Goal achievers are obsessed with their goals, dreams and routines. They think about them almost all the time.

Since what you focus on expands, if you have a big goal in your sights, becoming obsessed with achieving it will go a long way in moving you from where you are to where you want to be.

5. Meditate.

Goal achievers meditate to improve their focus, relax and clear their mind and recharge.

To help you stay connected with your goal, incorporate meditation into each day. It can help you become more focused, get better results and reduce stress as you go through the day.

6. Stay the course.

Goal achievers pursue their goals and dreams relentlessly. They overcome adversity. They sweep aside anything that stands between them and their goals.

Persistence is an essential factor in achieving any goal that makes you stretch. So, get in the habit of pivoting or finding ways to navigate around impasses. Then, finish what you set out to do. Over time, your persistence will grow into a proven, progressive power that can help you achieve any goal.

7. Prioritise activities.

Most people complete all kinds of meaningless tasks each day to cross them off their long to-do lists. On the other hand, goal achievers make a list of the most important things, usually three to ten tasks, that they must accomplish that day.

Make sure you do at least one thing each day that moves you closer to your goal. Then, every evening (or morning if you prefer), make a list of the top goal-achieving activities you can take the next day and then act on them, starting with the most essential task.

8. Exercise discipline.

Goal achievers are highly disciplined when it comes to executing tasks that will lead them to their goals. So, they often miss parties or other social events, work out when their mind tells them to stay in front of the computer for a bit longer, read when they’d rather keep working and don’t eat the junk food they crave.

Sacrifices like these make you the person you need to become to lead the lifestyle you imagine.

9. Spend time with other purpose-driven, successful people

Our environment plays a role in our success because we’re the average of the five people we spend the most time with. Goal achievers understand this and have a habit of spending time with more successful people than they are.

You can turn your life around by choosing to associate with positive individuals who are full of energy and spend time with creative, ambitious people with goals and dreams.

10. Take care of the mind and body.

High achievers make taking care of themselves a priority. They recognise that food is fuel and that to reach their ambitious goals, they need high-octane fuel. They also understand that healthy eating helps keep them healthy. So they exercise and have good sleep patterns.

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