How To Release Your Infinite Best Self Potential

How To Release Your Infinite Best Self

It is reported that most of us are only using 10% of our self potential. It is said that even the most erudite person could not even guess a person’s full potential.

Why would that be?

Simply because we are truly limitless. We have a power inside of us that is beyond comprehension, a power that creates all things, a spiritual essence that is at the very core of us as human beings.

However, we have become disconnected and unaware of our own true nature in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We were raised veiled in conditioning. Every single one of us experienced conditioning growing up, through being part of families, education, culture and society, and unfortunately, there is no escape from such conditioning.  

However, once we realise that beyond our current limited awareness, thinking and conditioning, there is a big fat beautiful expanded self, ready to be released. Waiting to be expressed, equipped and prepared to jump out and experience more extraordinary achievement, deeper fulfilment and an unbounded journey of light, love, abundance and prosperity. Infinite is just that.

No end, no boundary, no limits. 

So, it’s time to let go of the struggle that keeps us in an endless cycle of getting the same old results, time to let go of trying harder, when all that trying seems to keep us treading water and never gets us out into the deep turquoise sea, where all the beauty and treasure awaits. 

Your Best Self is your True Self!

So, let’s look at what your best self is. First, your best self is already inside of you. If you have a feeling of frustration in any area of your life, then that’s your best self knocking at your door to come out. If you feel thwarted, there it is again, gently nudging you that there is a better way.

Feelings of envy and questions of “why can’t I have that or do” that is simply your best self potential showing you that you too can have that and be that. Moreover, It’s time to listen and not ignore the calling of your better self. Your true self is not meant to fight invisible battles, feel bad or negative, or live in a state of lack or disappointment. 

Look to see what you most value in life, feel into your greatness, creativity, love and curiosity. Then, begin to ask your inner self empowering questions like ‘what if that was possible?’ Activate your imagination to release your inner power through expanded pictures and stories of possibilities in your mind. Your True Self is there already waiting for you to tap into it. It is your guide, the vision of a better You. Your True Self knows the potential of your Best Self! So allow yourself to go inside and get ignited by your desires and passions. 

Steps to release your Best Self today

  1. Take five minutes to relax your body and mind fully. Don’t concern yourself with any thought that comes up. Instead, keep your attention on creating relaxation in the body.
  2. Listen in to the ideas, thoughts and wandering of your mind that is creative – write these ideas and creations down. It will keep you focused on a greater you. 
  3. Step up and into new behaviours, new feelings of power, new concepts of you. Write these out and read these new ideas of you and what you can accomplish daily.
  4. Take time to ask your best self what you truly want and desire, and allow yourself to dream and fantasise. 
  5. Most importantly: visualise multiple times a day your desires, your wants and the new concept of yourself.
  6. Each day, take one active step towards releasing a bit more of your best self. For example, a new decision, implement a new daily behaviour, think differently about a situation. 
  7. Send people who may bother, irritate or annoy you energetic love and kindness.
  8. Give everyone you come across in the day good vibes and a compliment, whether you know them or not.  

When you take these steps, you will begin to:  

  • ● Experience less struggle in life
  • ● Release stress and adverse feelings in yourself
  • ● Take more responsibility for your feelings and actions 
  • ● Walk away from negative situations and people
  • ● Act with more kindness and love
  • ● Become less judgemental of others and yourself 
  • ● Feel more self-aware and more confident 
  • ● Find good things happen more often for you
  • ● Attract new and exciting experiences that allow you to express your best self. 

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“You are always just one thought, one feeling, one action away from a better version of you. Expanding ourselves is a never-ending, lifetime job.” 

Mandy Evill