Decision Fatigue

The Ultimate Guide To Opt Out Decision Fatigue

It is normal to experience Decision Fatigue at certain points in your life. Because decisions, or the lack of them, make or break for the amount of success you have in life.

Our whole lives are dominated by the power of making decisions. For instance, our health, well-being, business, relationships, and social life, are all dependent on making sound decisions for ourselves. 

We never learn how to make effective decisions!

Not in school, college, even business training. Likewise, there are no resources out there to help us become effective and powerful decision makers.

How can we develop this very critical ability?

In doing so we will eliminate external and internal conflict, plus remove the pain of indecision. I have no doubt that you can relate to the ‘sitting on the fence’ scenario.

We can feel incredibly uncomfortable when we don’t actually make a decision when we need to. That in itself becomes a decision by default, we unconsciously make a decision not to make a conscious decision. It’s a decision trap we get ourselves into. 

When we fail to develop our ability to make a decision, the indecisiveness we put on ourselves sets up mental and emotional wars within us that take our focus, time and energy.

It has a name; Decision Fatigue, and it can be totally exhausting.   

Along with the emotional drain of Decision Fatigue, it also puts you in an ambivalent emotional state with a vibration to match. In addition, ambivalence is a killer to any kind of growth or success in any area of your life. Nothing can be gained from ambivalence, it is a state of disintegration, losing ground. Failing to move forward means you must be going backwards.  

Why is it then that so many of us get stopped in our tracks at making decisions? The answer is simple… Fear!

Fear is the number one killer of success. And of course, alongside fear is procrastination the instigator of indecision. Fear of failure, fear of ‘getting it wrong’, fear of what others may say if we don’t take action on our decision, and worse still fear that we may fail to fulfil on our decision.

All these fears and doubts causes us not to make a decision.

We must realise that people who make decisions easily and confidently are not worry by failures. They shrug it off, make another decision, and move on.

The first three steps to making a decision:

  1. Make a decision on what you want, not what your current situation or circumstances dictate. 
  2. Get emotionally involved with the decision that you make.  
  3. Move into action fast. (The longer you wait the less likely your decision will hold)

Most importantly: do not concern yourself with doubts and worries about not seeing the resources you may need to complete on your decision.

When you follow the above steps, Universal Laws will emphatically bring to your aid the people, situations and circumstances to support you in completing on your decision.

The resources always show up when you follow the above steps in making a committed decision. 

Second three steps to fulfilling on your decision:

  1. Think from your decision, not your current circumstances.
  2. Imagine your decision fulfilled. Paint the image in your mind, keep it there and live from it.
  3. Only give your attention and focus to the end result of your decision. 

Get into the habit of making decisions, start making simple conscious decisions every day. Start practicing today, everything starts with a decision. EVERYTHING.

What decision are you going to make right now? 

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