Influencers self image
How to create a strong self image and avoid the comparison trap as an influencer

Damage Limitation For Influencers In An Overexposed World

Dealing with an overexposed online world I come from a generation of no internet, no Instagram and influencers were a far off concept! As a young woman I didn’t have the experience of exposing myself openly to a wide audience of other people.

To a large degree I was pretty much able keep my circle of influence as big or small as I liked.

Everything was communicated in person, that’s just how it was back then. 

From the old to the new

In a world where a global reach is at the touch of a screen, my old world must seem like a very small world as well as an age ago!

It was on both counts.

Yes of course there were magazines and TV but mostly we influenced each other in person. Influenced by who’s outfit was best, makeup, drank, which club you were seen at and who else was with you.

Perhaps nothing has really changed, it’s just grown and developed into the online global version. Of course now EVERYONE can see and hear you.

No more individual control. Full exposure, and some may say extreme exposure.

The comparison trap

To some extent I had issues with my self-esteem, my self-worth. I fell into the trap of comparison to others. But it was limited.

I didn’t have the world glaring at me and I wasn’t glaring at the world. There was a cushion, a bumper between me and the full extended world at large. So, the influence and impact of others on me was limited. 

Develop your self image

Having worked with many who are in the limelight, not just building a following, but with a fully-fledged influencers with a growing audience.

I have seen first-hand the impact for young influencers on their self-image.

There maybe young men too who can relate to this. But right now I am focusing on the developing female psyche and self-image in the ever-growing online influencer industry. 

It’s all in our mind

As human beings, we all have a mind, and it is our mind that creates all of our present and future results.

Our mind is a machine, and it is continually either, measuring, describing, or comparing. Each of which can have a huge negative impact if we are not aware, or in control, of our non-stop thinking mind. 


Measuring, describing, or comparing, all have a deep negative propensity that can cut our self-image to the very core.

It’s all very well measuring your success with someone else. But if you determine you as coming out as the loser and in second place; the immediate impact on your self-image is quick, cutting, and another chip in the armor.

It makes no difference how much of a ‘positive person’ you think you are. There is a deep and lasting impact on your self-image hidden away in your subconscious mind. 


Next time you are talking, become aware of what you are saying. Start to become aware of your thinking and watch how you describe people, events, circumstances, situations.

Is it mainly positive or is there a lot of negative there too? Be honest with yourself. 

In fact, how do you describe yourself is a great measure to which way the positive, negative pendulum swings for you. 


This is the most destructive behaviour of our mind when we use it on ourselves. Which we do by the way, and a lot.

We are always comparing data: is it a hot or cold day, shall I wear this or that, is this better or worse. It is always on the lookout to compare.

And the biggest pit fall that everyone falls into is comparing ourselves to others. Whether you want to do it or not, your mind automatically will!

And the Comparison Trap can have the most damaging effect on your own belief, self-worth and confidence.

By the time you crawl out again the putting on a Brave Face becomes redundant. At least for a few days, maybe even a few weeks. You can find your influencers biz plateau for a while, despite your best efforts you don’t get the results you want.

At worst you may feel like you are going backwards. 

Damage limitation 

So, let’s get some damage limitation going. Let’s get some strategies in to keep your automatic mechanical mind working along the lines of what you want. Get your mind supporting you to your goals, building you up not down. Creating improved outcomes and results, having you feel good more than just some of the time.

Time to take control of your mind, your mind that controls your results, time for you to consciously get in your own driving seat! 

Here are 7 things to create a strong self-image and avoid the comparison trap in your influencers journey:

  1. Stay in your own lane – Stop looking at what other people are doing, stay focused on your own race, your own goals, what other people are doing is of no concern to you.
  2. The opposite – By the same token what other people say about you is of no concern to you, remember it’s just their own mechanical mind comparing, describing, or measuring. Let it go. 
  3. Makeup your mind – When you put your makeup on every day and while you are looking in the mirror, affirm to yourself how confident you are, how great you are doing, how you are achieving the success you deserve. 
  4. You win every day – At the end of every day, journal your wins, however big or small, self-acknowledgement repairs and polishes up your self-image armour and builds up your internal resilience
  5. Only the good – Begin making a habit of only seeing the good in others, in situations and circumstances, however bad it may seem at the time, put your focus on the good. 
  6. Mental muscle – You have multiple mental muscles available to you, one of them is your decision-making muscle. It is a powerful tool to move you anywhere you want mentally. Develop the skill of making conscious decisions that move you forward and make you feel good. 
  7. You have control – Become more and more aware of your thoughts. Your thoughts come from your beliefs and your beliefs control the results you experience. Start to think the thoughts you want!

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