having a coach or mentor can positively impact the results in your life, your business and enhance your professional performance

Why content creators and influencers need coaching?

Have you ever felt any of the following?

  • Low in confidence on the inside especially when others seem to do better than you
  • Isolated and vulnerable with no real support when negative and abusive comments come hurling at you
  • Worried and concerned about the fluctuation in your following
  • Unsure of your next bread and butter pay check and financial security
  • Uncertain of your long-term future and how to leverage yourself into the ‘next level you’ in your career and business
  • Have plateaued out in your rise of influence


I understand, it can be extremely lonely and frustrating climbing the ladder of success, and building a long term secure financial future in what can be seen as a short-term industry. In fact, it can be just massively hard physical work with often slow progress, plus the emotional and mental stresses of this career path. It all cries out for specialised support and mentoring!


You need look no further!…

What to expect

When you work with me as a VIP Content Creator and Influencer over a six-month period expect to:


Elevate your thinking to create new and bigger ideas AND carry them out


Eliminate old beliefs and conditioning that sabotage both your progress and success and build new beliefs that support your vision and goals


Design and build a totally new ‘self-image’ to take you to new heights in your Digital Journey


Build a new permanent winning mindset that delivers increased results and performance every time

You will find your inner inspiration and continuing internal motivation daily. And expect to create and achieve BIG goals!

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What is included?

Included in the exclusive 6 month Content Creator and Influencer Programme package:

  • Initial 2 1/2hr VIP private and in person set up session
  • Private weekly personal one to one session
  • Exclusive open access to Mandy for ‘anytime’ support
  • Online digital access to 26Programme lessons, all downloadable – promotes self-awareness, personal growth and increased results and performance
  • Daily Micro Mindset Dose – your own personalised daily dose of positivity and encouragement to put you in the best vibration for the day
  • Open access to Mandy’s weekly lesson with her other mindset clients
  • Full backup support from The Infinite Mind Company team

A sneak peek into the programme.

The programme is constructed to take you through twenty-six powerful lessons that build on each other, to increase your understanding and learning effectiveness.

26 Lessons

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Lesson – 1

Goal setting and achieving

How to set a 12 month goal that motivates and inspires you.

Lesson – 2

Making powerful decisions

Learn the one mental move that all successful people have mastered, to effectively raise your game over and over again.

Lesson – 3

Where do our results come from?

When you understand how to create your results through your mind, you can begin to predict your outcomes.

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Lesson – 4

Shifting up a gear

Begin the process of internal change through creating your own personal new beliefs and habits for success.

Lesson -5

Good study habits

Critical for reaching your top performance – all high achievers have this!

Lesson -6

Vibration is everything

Most know about the Law of Attraction, but here we discover the mechanics of how you make it work for you consistently.

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Lesson – 7

How far can you stretch?

Fear and procrastination are the number one killers of success. Understand why you fall into the grip of both and then feel the freedom on the other side.

Lesson – 8

Flex your mental muscles

Time to strengthen your 6 mental muscles and learn how to use them on purpose.

Lesson – 9

How I see myself

Upgrade your inner self-image to match your aspirations and goals.

The next step.

If you are interested in working with me, or want to know more about the package or the services we can offer you, please book in a call.

Our consultations are all 30 minutes and absolutely FREE.

This package is open to all level influencers


What People Say

Sandra Amore

My journey with the Thinking into Results Programme has been amazing. It completely changed my mindset from feeling like I cannot to knowing that I can achieve. This programme has made a massive difference both in my lifestyle, my behaviour and also at work. Working as an Amazon coach, I have now been able to relay the knowledge that I’ve learned here, and apply the TIR tools into my own coaching business. Doing this has hugely changed the success of my clients which has been terrific. 

Michelle B

I’ve changed as a person, and my family have noticed this too. The way I now run my business the way it’s grown, everything is just flowing and seems to be a constant win for me. I’ve already filled in two notepads in the last 12 weeks, and I know my future is definite and certain. I feel like I’ve completely transformed. There’s no more burnout, and I’m working less and earning more without feeling guilty.

The Infinite Mood

Lee Hazzard

Since joining Mandy and her 6 month Programme, I set myself an earning goal 30K per month after four months. I reached just under 60K in the first month and still more on its way! Words cannot describe the transformation happening right now in my life.

The Infinite Mood

Imelda Fossu

Joining Thinking into Results and working with Mandy is one of the best decisions I made. Hand on heart, I can honestly say that Mandy has completely changed my life, within 2 months she helped me scale my business to 6 figures. She showed me how it was my.