Coaching and Mentoring

You are the only problem you will ever have and you are the only solution.

Mandy Evill

The Coaching and Mentoring Programme teaches you to create a business and life that you genuinely desire and a life you love.

This unique programme is presented in twelve logical, simple and practical lessons. Each lesson designed to ensure the methods taught and a success mindset become a part of your thinking and actions. Once applied, these methods translate into tangible real-world results.

After completing the programme, you will see massive results in all aspects of your life – at work, in relationships, your leadership skills and confidence. And the most exciting feature of this programme is that the results stick.

  • Are you longing to get out of a rut?
  • Do you want to discover how to translate your hopes and dreams into reality?
  • Do you want to have the energy to figure out what your hopes and dreams are?
  • Do you want to stop feeling so overworked and tired all the time?

This Programme Gives
You The Solution


Thinking into Results was created by Bob Proctor(The Secret)

BoB is a master of human potential, success and wealth and has been teaching people for more that 60 years


Mandy is one of Bob’s top global consultants, having worked alongside him for the last five years


A proven system – hundreds of thousands of people have already benefited, including entrepreneurs, corporations and individuals


When you fully engage with the Coaching and Mentoring Programme, you will experience a massive paradigm shift. A para-what, you might ask? Without us knowing, our paradigms control our work, life, how we feel about and respond to events. Unfortunately, these paradigms can have a massive negative effect on our lives unless we purposely tap into them and shift them.

Our Coaching BUSTS through paradigms, and there is no other intervention quite like it.

A Sneak Peek into
the Programme

6-month study programme with twelve logical, simple, practical lessons


Thinking Into Results

  • Tackle goal setting and achievement
  • Begin to envision your future with clarity
  • Understand there's no limit on what you can achieve

Knowing/Doing Gap

  • What do you have, what do you want, and what is holding you back?
  • Close the gap between what you have and what you want
  • Start the process of changing unhelpful ingrained thinking and belief habits

Infinite Mind

  • Discover what paradigms are and why are they important?
  • Learn how to shift harmful paradigms
  • Experience a life-changing moment as you begin to understand that your mind has no limits

And that’s just the beginning.
Our Coaching and Mentoring Programme will lead you through a powerful, life-
changing transformation.

What's Included

  • Lifetime access to the material
  • Lessons and materials delivered directly to your inbox
  • Exercises to complete with each lesson
  • Online digital access to all the programme material, including comprehensive downloadable workbook
  • Full induction and digital support to get you started
  • Weekly access to two live open group lessons with Mandy with Q&A’s
  • Access to Mandy’s client Facebook page for support
  • Pre -recordings of all group lessons for accelerated learning, plus recordings of live weekly sessions
  • Live on onboarding sessions over the first month
  • Access to welcoming mastermind groups and supportive client community
  • Access to weekly group peer study session
  • Bonus learning webinars on specific related subjects
  • Full backup support from ‘The Infinite Mind Company’ team

Are you ready to take a giant step towards realising your greatness and your full potential?

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What People Say

The Infinite Mood

Michelle Harding-Foss

Working with Mandy has given me the confidence, understanding and discipline to know what I am capable of, which is much more than I had imagined. The community is positive, supportive and genuine. It is wonderful to be connected with like-minded people to share this amazing journey with. The opportunities that have come up for me to be able to achieve my goal are amazing and greater than anything I could of imagined before joining TIR. This programme has changed my life and my thinking. Thank you Mandy.

Maria Coria

Life is completely different for me now. My perspective has completely shifted, and I am living life in a far more balanced way now. Life was always up and down, and I always struggled with anxiety and depression. I still always loved life, but now I have balance. To have and maintain that balance has allowed EVERYTHING to change in my life. And now, I see myself for the first time for who I really am, and I love what I see. Having this community has been life-changing. Having a safe space that you cannot find elsewhere has made me so grateful. I'm happy because I have a direction and studying the programme has become a regular part of my day, like drinking water. Watching others on the programme win too has been priceless.

Chris Frimpong

I look at the Coaching as an allotment yard. Everyone on the programme has a plot on the allotment. And rather than thinking about the environment dictating how each person's seeds grow. The programme has shown me that it's how the person looks after the seed that ultimately dictates how well it will grow. Before the programme, I had so many great ideas, but I didn't understand how to water and nurture them. Being part of the coaching has taught me how to water my potential without worrying about the fruits it will bear, but just focusing on nurturing what is in the present and knowing it will blossom.

Lifford Shillingford

Even though I've had a certain amount of success in life, there was still always something missing that I didn't quite understand. From the very first call I had with Mandy and throughout the programme, I've been able to find that missing part. This course has broken down the science and the methodology behind the vibrations and manifestations of life and shown me how to be accountable for where I'm at and what I want to achieve.
The Infinite Mood

Jo L

I am incredibly glad I made the decision to do the Coaching and Mentoring with Mandy. The programme has given me a blueprint for decision making, how the mind works and how to achieve results that I will use over and over - I will never stop studying and applying these principles. Not only it is incredibly profound, but it is also hugely freeing and an incredible revelation to realise we can achieve whatever we want to accomplish without limit.
As well as clearly making a decision on what I want in my life and setting that in motion (far beyond what I could have ever conceived before), I’ve gained increased confidence, a deeper knowing of who I am, improved work relationships, transformed personal relationships, gained additional sources of income, am starting my own business and am able to offer more to friends and family than I ever have. This is all because of the core principles in the programme which remove barriers to being all we can be.
I am incredibly grateful to have met Mandy. She has more integrity than anyone I can think of and such clear thinking. Not only that, she is incredibly focused, kind and has a great sense of humour! I’m also so glad for the many people I have met through the course from many different industries, with a wide variety of goals.
I believe this coaching should be done by everyone. Follow the programme, do the repetition and it will transform your life forever.


The most significant change for me has been everybody saying to me, "I love your energy". The entire programme has been a thumbs up. I'm attracting everything good into my life, both big and small. And the programme has opened up my mind and my pockets, it's been fantastic.