The Infinite Mood

How To Set a Goal That Inspires and Stretches You?

"Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy goal."

– Earl Nightingale                    

This has got to be the best definition of success out there. Earl Nightingale was the...!

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'Your self-image naturally sets the boundaries of your accomplishments. Change your self-image and your whole world of success and achievement will change' - Mandy Evill

Below, I outline ten concrete actions you can take to increase your self-confidence and step more boldly through life. While this list is not comprehensive, taking just a few of these actions will help to put you squarely on the path to a fuller and more rewarding life.

To get started, I suggest you choose a couple of items on the list that appeal to you and practice them for a week. Whatever you pick will make you feel better about yourself...!

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The Infinite Mood
The Infinite Mood


" The greatest discovery of this generation is

that you can alter your life by altering your attitude of mind. "

- William James

Many people consider themselves a 'positive' person. You can be a very positive person, but that doesn't mean that you continuously operate with what we call a positive mental attitude....!

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" There is a single mental move you can make which is a

millisecond will solve enormous problems for you. It has the potential to improve almost any personal or business situation you will ever encounter. "

Bob Proctor

Decisions or the lack of them are responsible for the making of business success. People who become proficient at making decisions are the people...!

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The Infinite Mood
The Infinite Mood

How To Release Your Infinite Potential

It is reported that most of us are only using 10% of our potential. It is said that even the most erudite person could not even guess a person's full potential. Why would that be? Simply because we are truly limitless. We have a power inside of us that is beyond comprehension, a power that creates all things, a spiritual essence that is at the very core of us as human beings. Yet, we have become disconnected and unaware of our own true nature in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We were raised veiled in conditioning. Every single one of us experienced conditioning growing up, through being part of families, education, culture and society, and unfortunately,...!

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Damage Limitation For Influencers 

Dealing with an overexposed online world 

I come from a generation of no internet, no Instagram and influencers were a far off concept! As a young woman I didn’t have the experience of exposing myself openly to a wide audience of other people. To a large degree I was pretty much able keep my circle of influence as big or small as I liked. Everything was communicated in person, that's just how it was back then. 

From the old to the new

In a world where a global reach is at the touch of a screen, my old world must seem like...!

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The Infinite Mood

Fear and growth go hand in hand. When you
courageously face the things you fear,
you automatically experience the
growth you have been seeking.

Sandy Gallagher