The Infinite Mood

My Full Story

Mandy is a high-level mindset and performance coach and is one of Bob Proctor’s top global consultants. Bob Proctor is widely known as the most highly respected master of human potential, wealth and success. Mandy works alongside Bob, delivering Thinking into Results which she studied to turn her own life around.

After 20 years of experience in personal development, Mandy has found his programs the most effective. Time and time again, she has seen her students’ incredible results. After working with her and studying his programs, they expand their lives, their business and themselves. With Mandy as your guide, you can do the same.

Bob’s programme/ Thinking into Results took Mandy from burnout with her business to having three thriving businesses. Her new mindset empowered her to build three highly successful businesses with multiple income streams. Furthermore, in 2020, she launched a global foundation to deliver mindset training to young people across Africa.

Early Years

Growing up, Mandy absorbed the belief that working hard was the only way to succeed and get what you want in life. This belief is widespread and probably familiar to you.

She ran her own business consultancy company and delivered high-level change and transformation to front line staff in organisations. She tackled and helped these organisations improve performance, productivity and effectiveness. However, despite a good level of success, Mandy worked very long hours. Eventually, her beliefs about hard work took their toll. After many years of her business levelling out and despite putting in her best efforts to achieve her potential, she burnt out and closed her business.

She found herself at the crossroads, not knowing what to do next.

The Infinite Mood
The Infinite Mood

The Beginning of

As she found herself at that crossroad, she had the good fortune to be presented with the opportunity to work right alongside the master of success and achievement, Bob Proctor.

She had found the missing jigsaw piece, and the answer on why working harder never works. The rest is history.

The Now

Now, after twenty years of practising and teaching the very programs which helped her, it is her passion and pleasure to pass it on to people like you.

She dedicates her time to showing people ready to step into their greatness and potential, the exact steps they need to take.

The Infinite Mood

Mandy on Results

The Infinite Mood

Results do not happen by chance, good luck or hard work. Instead, there is a clear and simple process by which everyone can create the results they want.


Mandy Teaches this Process,

and once learnt and applied, you can take yourself to a whole new level of life.