Here at the Infinite Mind Company we have seen the success of hundreds of clients who have transformed their lives and businesses through our coaching and mentoring programmes.

With over 20+ years of experience you are in no better hands with us. So whether you are looking to change your mindset, work on your personal development or looking to super charge your life and accomplish transformational results in your business we can help.



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We have experience in coaching professionals, CEO’s, business owners, public figures, influencers, bloggers and entrepreneurs. We can help you create a better life from the inside-out.

You are your
best asset.

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Life can take over and wear us down. We end up joyless, tired, overworked and uninspired. All while our potential waits inside, longing for release.

You don’t realise, but you are your best asset. Can you imagine fulfilling your hopes and dreams?

Mandy talks about having a coach or mentor

Our Mission.


To provide phenomenal mentoring and coaching services, enriching the lives of people throughout the UK.


We believe most people go through life never realising their full potential. This frequently causes frustration, regret and often guilt that they never lived their life to the full.


At The Infinite Mind Co. we teach people how to unlock their untapped potential with simplicity and ease so they can consistently and with certainty deliver on increased results and performance in their lives and business.

Free Consultation.

The best way to get started with us or to get some further information about our services and how we can help is to book a consultaion.

Our consultations are all 30 minutes and absolutely FREE.

Change starts within you.

Make that call. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Do you feel

overworked and on
the verge of giving

Are you a

serial procrastinator
feeling stuck and
can’t see the way

Are you

fed up with trying
harder and not
getting the results
you want?

Self Development.

People who study personal development find they have an increased sense of purpose and direction. They improve their focus and experience heightened self-awareness.

As a result, these people become more effective and more motivated. Once you fully comprehend how important your mindset truly is, things will begin to shift.


You will develop your mindset to create a permanent shift in all aspects of your Business and life


Our Coaching programmes have a proven system that has helped hundreds of clients around the world achieve phenomenal results

personal growth

Develop a strong mental mindset


Learn how to achieve and smash all your goals and dreams


Change your mindset and overcome negative thoughts


Realise your potential and create amazing results


Increase your confidence and self image so there is no limit to your success

RESULTS do not happen by chance, good luck or hard work.

Most of us learn young. We learn that if we want to succeed, we must work hard, make sacrifices and even then, we’ll probably need some luck too. These beliefs drive us into thankless work cycles, feelings of failure and burnout.

However, results do not happen by chance, good luck or hard work.

Instead, there is a clear and simple process by which everyone can create limitless success. I teach this process to my students. Once learnt and applied, individuals expand their lives and achieve lasting results.

Its All Starts Here.


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Downloadable Success Mindset Guide

With my gift to you, you can get started right away. Study this short free ebook, and take your first step towards a new, more empowered you, ready to fulfil your potential.

In this ebook, I guide you through six key pillars to having a success mindset.

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    What other people have said about our Programme

    Sandra Amore

    My journey with the Thinking into Results Programme has been amazing. It completely changed my mindset from feeling like I cannot to knowing that I can achieve. This programme has made a massive difference both in my lifestyle, my behaviour and also at work. Working as an Amazon coach, I have now been able to relay the knowledge that I’ve learned here, and apply the TIR tools into my own coaching business. Doing this has hugely changed the success of my clients which has been terrific. 

    Michelle B

    I’ve changed as a person, and my family have noticed this too. The way I now run my business the way it’s grown, everything is just flowing and seems to be a constant win for me. I’ve already filled in two notepads in the last 12 weeks, and I know my future is definite and certain. I feel like I’ve completely transformed. There’s no more burnout, and I’m working less and earning more without feeling guilty.

    The Infinite Mood

    Lee Hazzard

    Since joining Mandy and her 6 month Programme, I set myself an earning goal 30K per month after four months. I reached just under 60K in the first month and still more on its way! Words cannot describe the transformation happening right now in my life.

    The Infinite Mood

    Imelda Fossu

    Joining Thinking into Results and working with Mandy is one of the best decisions I made. Hand on heart, I can honestly say that Mandy has completely changed my life, within 2 months she helped me scale my business to 6 figures. She showed me how it was my.